Home Lifts

The GENESIS Home Lift is an innovative, reliable, cost effective and viable solution for any private residential home project. It has been designed to meet the requirements of projects with pit and headroom constraints. No motor room is required and the machine is housed within a compact lift hoistway to save space. All our home lifts can be supplied with a steel hoistway structure, eliminating the need to construct a lift shaft and simplifying panoramic applications which would otherwise be very expensive and complicated.

Travel speed has been optimized for safe operation within a home environment. The Genesis lift incorporates electric geared motor technology with VVVF control. Power supply requirement is just 240V single phase. This lift is extremely energy saving, requiring low power consumption. A fully computerized inverter integrated control module enables swift data processing for smooth and comfortable lift travel.

Lift standard capacity for residential use is 5 or 6 persons (410kg) and can accommodate a wheelchair.
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